Song of the Sword now has its own webpage from Coteau Books

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Song of the Sword Cover CoteauSong of the Sword, first book in my news YA fantasy series written as Edward Willett, now has its official web page on the Coteau Books site. And here it is! You can download a high-res version of the cover or the media release. Feel free to send it to everyone you know. You can also order the book directly from Coteau, if you like…and wouldn’t you? Really? Deep down?


Ariane meets her ancestor, the Lady of the Lake, and is sent on an important and dangerous quest – to reunite the pieces of the shattered sword Excalibur. Yes, that Excalibur. 

Ariane’s life is already pretty difficult when she starts to hear the singing – her mother’s disappeared, she’s trying to get used to living with her aunt after several foster homes, and she’s taking grief from the “in” girls at school. She’s dealing with strange dreams involving swords and knights and battles, and things seem to get weird whenever she touches water. And now an invisible someone, somewhere, is singing to her.

Everyone knows the legends of King Arthur, the Round Table, and the powerful and noble wizard Merlin. But what if those so-called legends were real historical facts? And what if someone has carefully rewritten that history?

Before long, Ariane’s met the famed Lady of the Lake (in a journey UNDER the local lake), has acquired a nerdy sidekick, and is sent on a dangerous mission that pits her against otherworldly forces. Can she figure out what it all means, much less survive the challenge?


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