In Honor of National Poetry Month 1: I Tweet, Therefore I Rhyme

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bullwinkle-poetryI TWEET, THEREFORE I RHYME

Being a Twitterpoem cycle in honour of National Poetry Month 2014, with each stanza set off with pretentious Roman numerals, just because it’s more poetic that way


In characters, 140 sum, I must Tweet out my heart,

So that, for National Poetry Month, I will have done my part.



I think that I shall never see a Tweet as lovely as a tree.

(Kilmer I’m not, nor e’er will be–but that’s my stab at poetry.)



A rhyming couplet may not be considered avant garde,

But it works well enough for me (though better for the Bard).



“I Tweet, therefore I am,” Descartes did not (and could not) say,

But probably he would have had he been born present-day.



If you find a piece is missing from the puzzle of your soul,

Perhaps you need a poet—to fill a poem-sized hole.



It’s hard, now I have started, to stop these silly rhymes.

I humbly beg your pardon for my literary crimes.

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