Book Giveaway Week 4: enter to win any book I’ve written, get download of The Chosen for free!

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New Chosen Ebook CoverAnd so we move on to Week 4 of the Great Book Giveaway of 2014. I had an even dozen entrants last week, each of whom received a free download of my YA ghost story The Haunted Horn. The winner was David, who commented on a post on my E.C. Blake Facebook page.

This week, each entrant receives a free download of my YA SF novel The Chosen.

In a ruined future, two teenagers, one a girl from a religious cult determined to stop the rebuilding of a technological society whose destruction they believe was punishment from God, one a boy from a group just as determined to rebuild the old high-tech world, must overcome their differences to work together to stop the first war of the new age–a war that might destroy both their peoples.

The rules remain the same: you can enter by commenting on this blog post, or by the posts at either my E.C. Blake or Edward Willett Facebook pages, or by reTweeting one of my @ewillett or @AuthorECBlake Tweets about the contest.

You can choose any book I’ve written of which I have extra copies–which is almost all of them–should you win, and I’ll mail it to you free of charge.

Good luck, and please share this contest widely.


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