Publishers Weekly gives my new novel Worldshaper a STARRED review, calls it a “rollicking” contemporary fantasy

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Publishers Weekly, the bible of the publishing industry, has given a STARRED review to upcoming novel Worldshaper, Book 1 in my new Worldshapers series for DAW Books, written as Edward Willett.


“This rollicking secondary-world contemporary fantasy opens with a bang…(the characters) grapple with the ethics of changing the world, the question of what makes people ‘real’ when the worldshapers can change everything about them with nothing more than a thought, and the need to save the universe. Willett…meticulously includes small details that make the constantly changing scenery feel solid and real…This novel sets up a fascinating, fluctuating universe with plenty of room for growth for the main characters, and readers will eagerly join their journey.”

Read the whole thing!

Also, don’t forget you can now read the first two chapters of Worldshaper online!

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