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Lake_intheClouds_smallerLake in the Clouds, Book 3 in my other YA fantasy series, The Shards of Excalibur, written as Edward Willett, comes out in May from Coteau Books–which means it’s time for a little teaser.

Here you go: Chapter 1 for your reading pleasure, just to whet your appetite.

Sharp-eyed observers may also note that the title has changed slightly, from The Lake in the Clouds to just Lake in the Clouds. This is so it matches up better with the first two books, Song of the Sword and Twist of the Blade, neither of which begins with a definite article. The fourth book has likewise shifted title from The Cave Beneath the Sea to Cave Beneath the Sea.

Book launches are planned for May 16 at ComicReaders here in Regina, and May 26 at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon.

I’m very excited about this upcoming release…I hope you are, too!

Available in May from Coteau Books

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