Kickstarter for Shapers of Worlds Volume III succeeds!

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Each of the past two years I’ve successfully Kickstarted an anthology featuring authors who were guests of my Aurora Award-winning podcast, The Worldshapers, where I talk to other science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process (check out the sidebar for the most recent episodes). And I just did it again! The book will be out this fall.

Shapers of Worlds Volume III will feature new fiction from Griffin Barber, Gerald Brandt, Miles Cameron, Sebastien de Castell, Kristi Charish, David Ebenbach, Mark Everglade, Frank J. Fleming, Violette Malan, Anna Mocikat, James Morrow, Jess E. Owen, Cat Rambo, K.M. Rice, and Edward Willett and new poetry by Jane Yolen, plus stories by Cory Doctorow, K. Eason, Walter Jon Williams, and F. Paul Wilson.

And remember, the previous two anthologies are still available! Use these handy links to order from the bookstore of your choice, or order directly from Shadowpaw Press.

Shapers of Worlds
Shapers of Worlds Volume II

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