Two new reviews for some of my Edward Willett novels

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Helix War front coverWhile the most recently released book is always the one that generates the most reviews (although reviews for Masks have slowed tremendously since it first came out), older books can still spark reviews at unexpected intervals, and recently a couple of reviews popped up for some of my older books, written as Edward Willett.

Outworlder Reviews picked up The Helix Warand liked it!

Marseguro is an excellent Science Fiction/ Fantasy story. The characters are well defined with emotion, purpose. ambition. and revenge. The action is relentless and violent. Mr. Willett has crafted an incredible world on Marseguro and this reader highly recommends other Outworlders to visit it.  Book Two, Terra Insegura, is almost as delightful as Book One. The setting changes dramatically, but the protagonists are still there.  Just pick up The Helix War Omnibus and enjoy both novels.  SCORE:  Marseguro 9.5/10 Terra Insegura 9/10″ 



Meanwhile, A Library Mama took a look at Spirit Singer:

SpiritSinger_frontcover small“This is a classic quest narrative, with the originality coming from the parallel journeys in the spirit and the living worlds. While a lot of the other elements felt very familiar, it was still a well-told story. I really liked Amarynth, determined to make things right despite being out of her depth in a place where many more experienced people had failed before. She was much more doing the job because it needed to be done and she was the only one left than the more typical One Foretold by Prophecy, which I very much appreciated…At only 144 pages, it’s a good choice for reluctant middle grade and high school readers.”

Nice to see the books are still being discovered!

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