Good review for Masks in Locus Magazine

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Locus December 2013Locus Magazine, the news magazine of the science fiction/fantasy field, has a good review of Masks in its December issue. The review isn’t online, but Faren Miller begins:

Masks, first in a fantasy series by E.C. Blake…chronicles the trials of a Gifted though largely untrained teenage heroine in an exotic, perilous world of magic, after her apparently assured future collapses in one awful instant. This may sound like fantasy targeting young readers, but it soon goes off in quite different directions…Blake brings his fantastic world to life through offbeat links between magic, nature, and human behavior in a caste-ridden society…

The review ends:

“The series should provide much more, as it entwines Mara’s story with the struggles of a culture that would like to set itself in stone (Masks of enchanted clay, at any rate), along with further insights into the strangely raw, natural forces behind this world’s magics.”

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