“A good book that will appeal to fans of young adult fantasy”

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Bookworm Blues says of Masks:

Untitled-10“The magic and world is rather fascinating and well done…There’s a hint of romance and the possibility of a love triangle in future books, which is all very young adult, but it’s balanced by the world and the magic, which have a very adult feel to them. This makes Masks, in my opinion, an interesting crossover novel that can appeal to a wide range of teenagers, and some adults as well.

“Masks is a good book that will appeal to fans of young adult fantasy…Masks will appeal to teens because it features a character just as tossed around and confused as they are.”

The reviewer also lauds Paul Young’s gorgeous cover:

These are the covers that I love. I get books that look like this and everything else falls to the side because I simply have to see what a beautiful cover like this is hiding. So, bravo to the cover artists, and bravo to the publisher for using it – it did its job.

Amen to that!

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